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Mines, airports, and factories are increasingly electrifying and automating their transport and logistical tools, and our Pike brand of batteries is the key to making your systems safer and more powerful. With lithium-ion battery technology, your energy storage needs are met and exceeded, so you can focus on your job, not worry about losing power.

Spear‘s long history of designing and manufacturing the most advanced, powerful, and profoundly safe energy storage solutions has inspired this radically rugged family of batteries. With a Pike lithium-ion battery, you don’t have to worry about battery failure or unreliable performance, designed for some of the most disruptive environments—like construction sites, industrial projects, manufacturing, and mining—the Pike line of batteries are engineered with the rigors of the job at the forefront of the design process.

Premier Battery Management System

Whether you’re in need of mining batteries, airport industrial batteries, or industrial battery solutions for other large projects, we have you covered. Spear has scaled and repackaged its state-of-the-art Scalable Battery Management System (SBMS) to suit the unique requirements of the Pike line of industrial lithium batteries. The BMS continuously monitors battery performance and prevents further abuse if unsafe operating conditions are detected—working seamlessly with the novel safety innovations developed by Spear's team of engineers. One of the greatest safety challenges is the abuse of a battery, which can lead to thermal runaway. To combat this and increase the lifespan of your batteries, Spear’s engineers have not only developed a unique way of managing a thermal event that limits propagation to a single cell, but they have also designed a flame arrestor that can vent the gases generated during such an event to the battery’s external environment at a safe temperature, further decreasing risk. Battery energy storage must be reliable and safe to be effective, no matter what type of electronic devices you need powered.

Battery Design for Complex Energy Storage Solutions

Pike battery energy storage systems utilize a modular design to make incorporation into any project simple while making any future maintenance quicker and easier. The difference is in Spear’s ingenuity which enables design adaptability to meet size, space, and weight requirements while retaining the power and safety inherent to the Pike family of batteries. A core modular pack is combined with an enclosure specifically designed to suit the physical requirements of the application—permitting a custom fit with off-the-shelf ease of implementation. Every project’s scope and challenges are unique, which is why we make our batteries’ design as flexible as possible. Spear provides the custom energy storage you need without the custom price tag.

Advanced Battery Experts for Safer, Smarter Implementation

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Selecting an energy storage system can be a daunting task, and Spear’s experienced sales team is here to make the process simpler by working side-by-side with you to understand your project’s needs and find a solution that meets those requirements. Spear leverages its history in cell manufacturing to identify the optimal cell chemistry for the job and, through its global relationships with numerous cell suppliers, acquires and incorporates those cells into your solution. We want you to have maintenance-free batteries that exceed your expectations. If you want to work with the best manufacturer in the global lithium-ion battery market, then choose Spear.

Efficiencies in Design

Overall deployment times can be drastically reduced because of the standard, modular design of the Pike family of batteries. The Spear team helps ensure that you won’t miss a beat when your solution is delivered—standing by with reliable testing data and troubleshooting support.

A Pike solution brings clean energy to the roughest environments with a standardized modular design that incorporates Spear’s extensive safety features. The Pike design provides flexibility in incorporation and ease of maintenance. Choosing a Pike battery means powering your project with state-of-the-art, clean, safe energy. Connect with Spear to learn more about how our Pike batteries can help in your industrial field.

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