Applications: Industrial Battery Solutions for Unforgiving Environments

The Pike family of advanced industrial batteries is built to withstand the toughest environments and applications. Whether it's specialized vehicles, industrial equipment, or heavy-duty tools, Spear's high-performance battery systems are designed for reliability and safety, so your project can be completed on time without any problems.

In industries like oil & gas, mining, or airport ground support equipment, the surroundings and weather conditions play a huge factor in the amount of dirt and grime your equipment takes on over time. It is inevitable that your equipment will experience some serious wear-and-tear, which is why Pike industrial lithium-ion battery systems are designed to fit the environment no matter how rugged. 

We make mining batteries, airport industrial batteries, construction batteries, and more, plus our energy storage systems are reliable and flexible. Choose Spear Power Systems for your battery industrial energy storage needs.

Industrial Power Systems Customized to Your Needs

High-performance industrial battery systems are not one-size-fits-all, and your application deserves lithium-ion batteries that will fit its specific needs. Whether you work in the material handling industry or the construction industry, our lithium-ion battery systems can provide the energy you need to power your projects.

Spear's energy storage systems are scalable and engineered for each project's specific custom size and space requirements. With a simplified and expedient installation process, your equipment will be up-and-running in no time and ready to be put to work. Our goal is to optimize your land operations through an advanced energy storage solution that fits your needs and keeps your assets powered. We power equipment, so you can power through the tasks at hand.

Industrial Battery Technology Built to Withstand the Elements

At Spear, our progressive energy storage systems are built to last. Pike batteries are made to resist damage and endure the most rugged environments. Rain, snow, wind, and UV Rays from the sun are all elements that cause your equipment to erode the longer they are used. That's why Pike batteries are engineered with features like flame arrestors and performance monitoring systems that detect any damaging issues and can power off to protect the user in the case of unsafe operating conditions. 

Whether our battery systems are powering forklifts, mining equipment, or airport vehicles, our battery experts have created the toughest batteries around because you need them to work no matter the environment. Our energy storage solutions are dependable and help you increase productivity, keep up with project timelines, and avoid hassle and stress from failed batteries.

Industrial Mining Made Safer Through Advanced Batteries

Mining can be dangerous work, and you shouldn’t also have to worry about dangerous batteries causing safety or health risks for workers. There are ways to make mining less hazardous—choose batteries with safety built in. Dependable mining battery systems can make your mining operation safer and more efficient. With years of experience in the mining industry, Spear created Pike batteries to be the stronger and safer choice for industrial equipment. 

Large Caterpillars

Over time, the mining industry has seen drastic changes in the advanced technology used in mining operations. Smarter battery systems have allowed companies to increase production through the automation of transport and logistical tools while ensuring safety. The effects of wear-and-tear combined with risks of injury call for an energy solution that is adaptable to dynamic and rough working conditions. Pike batteries are designed to bring a reliably safe energy solution to some of the largest pieces of industrial equipment and vehicles in the world. Choose Spear Power Systems, the makers of the best industrial lithium ion battery on the market—a customizable battery system made from the dedication of energy solution experts who love powering the most essential applications in the world.

Any Application.

Spear's Pike series of advanced batteries provides safe, reliable power to the toughest applications across the world.

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